Gissa Bicalho

Proudly produced in Brazil, Gissa Bicalho is an idea that has shape, size and delicacy in the details. The brand's handmade accessories have acrylic as a protagonist, with a precious mix of materials, such as stones, crystals, wood, resins, etc., which add a defined richness to the product.

Elements of contemporary and classic architecture, as well as trends identified by major fashion houses are constant objects of study for the creation of these accessories. This compilation of references is translated into costume jewellery that generates desire and identification with the fashionable woman, one who seeks and appreciates a product with genuine design and quality. 

GISSA BICALHO has been designing contemporary jewellery for over 20 years and is now a renowned luxury global accessory brand. She has paved the way for eclectic design and creative artistry in accessories. When asked as to what inspires her, Gissa says,

" What the nature of the universe loves most is to transform things that exist and create new things like them.
For all that exists is, somehow, the seed of what will be."

Gissa Bicalho is now available in India at Scarlet Sage.


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