Product Care


Pleated clothing is very easy to maintain and requires minimal but correct care to last a lifetime. Here are so guidelines to get the best out of your pleated clothes.

  • Do not dry clean, use a washing machine or tumble dryer.
  • Do not flat iron.
  • Best washed by hand / soak in mild detergent 
  • Flat dry after gently wringing out excess water. 
  • If wrinkled - steam using a hand held steaming iron in the direction of the pleats. 
  • Storage : roll in the direction of pleats and store. We do not recommend hanging on hangers for long periods of time.
  • Pleating is permanent and does not loosen or open on washing. 
  • Stains easily leave pleated garments - just soak in a good gentle stain remover like Vanish and it should get rid of the stain. 
  • Pleated clothing are fast dryers and drying under a fast fan should have your garment dry and ready to use in a couple of hours.